Whether you are a lady or gent, a Brazilian Bikini Wax 1 St. Timer or a waxing veteran, Nice Soft Wax & Fashion, A.K.A- My Bikini Shop is here to make sure you have the best wax possible. Maria Porter (4o4-964-1851) is a well-qualified and beloved esthetician in the Georgia waxing community. Maria is dedicated to providing quality products and services in Kennesaw Ga. at 501 Roberts Court Ken...
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) occurs when the immune system, which normally fights infections and bacteria, starts attacking the body. Common symptoms include fatigue, headaches, joint pain, joint swelling, and a rash on the cheeks and nose called butterfly rash. Doctors in your area are studying a medication to see how it may reduce the disease activity of SLE.or painYou may qualify for t...
22-Oct-2018Kennesaw, GA+17 milesCommunity
Single is the New Black is a monologue that will premiere at the Charles H. Wright Museum on Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 6 p.m. Single is the New Black explores today s singles as a marginalized group. The perception is that singles today are relationally challenged. They are typecast as the lonely, the bitter, the not too bright and just too much of everything wrong. Single is the New Black e...
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I'm an out of work musicican who recently spent the last of my savings on an album I recorded for my son and would like to share it with you for free hoping that you'll have a better day after hearing it as that would make me feel better knowing that I've helped somebody with my music. www.appreciatewhatremains.com Thanks and hope you have a better day.Mike. Ad number: #379684844 Contact: Mike ...
LEDs and lighting fixures at prices that are half or more less than retail price. See flyer for more details
LEDs and lighting fixures at prices that are half or more less than retail price. See flyer for more details.
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Southern Equestrian Assoc. is having a fund raiser, Arts & Crafts Festival along with a Dressage Show. Classical Dressage, Western Dressage, Combined Training and Driving Dressage. Competitors closing date Aug 22 to enter the Dressage show. Free to the spectators. Dressage classes $30 each. Vendor/Arts & Crafts spaces $10. Arts & Crafts/ Vendors Please complete Vendor/ Craft form and release, ...
Rent ____________Apartments Or House _________With Bad Credit - $75.00 Per Cpn Only - No Other Fee Ever!! Rent An Apartment, Get Utilities, A New Phone Line, Credit Cards Etc! All Our Cpn Numbers Are Validated Through Safescan, Lexis Nexus, Skiptrace And Ssn Validator. I Absolutely Do Not Commit Identity Theft, All Numbers Are Validated By The Social Security Administration And And Have Ne...
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